There's still quite a few questions on how to install PowerCLI to offline systems. We're going to take a much closer look at that with this post!

Source : VMware PowerCLI Blog
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One of the most annoying problems that has existed with PowerShell ever since we got PowerShell remoting in v2 is the infamous double-hop or multi-hop problem. This occurs if you try connect to another remote computer from within your remote session.
I recently discovered a new way to solve this problem that uses session configurations. This "new" way allows you to tie a credential to a PowerShell session configuration and reuse this configuration for all future connections.

Source : 4sysops
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PowerShell Core 6.0 is a new edition of PowerShell that is cross-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux), open-source, and built for heterogeneous environments and the hybrid cloud.

Source : PowerShell Team Blog:
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Security researchers have uncovered how marketing companies have started exploiting an 11-year-old bug in browsers' built-in password managers, which allow them to secretly steal your email address for targeted advertising across different browsers and devices.
The major concern is that the same loophole could allow malicious actors to steal your saved usernames and passwords from browsers without requiring your interaction.

Source : TheHackerNews
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Microsoft Releases First Cross-Platform SQL Operations Studio

This product -- the first new tool for interacting with SQL Server in over a decade -- is the next step towards modernizing the dated SQL Server Management Studio tool.

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The next-generation Volkswagen Jetta will debut in January 2018 at NAIAS in Detroit, but you’ll have to wait a bit more to see the GLI version our spies have just spotted roaming the streets. You can easily tell this is the hotter derivative of the compact sedan just by looking at the red brake calipers and dual exhaust tips at the back. The fact that it rides lower on bigger wheels is also a dead giveaway that we’re dealing with the sportier derivative.

Source : All-New VW Jetta GLI Spied For The First Time
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I bet no one saw this coming when Microsoft said that they would be moving forward with two updates per year for Windows 10 but some customers are having trouble adapting to ‘rapid release’. Announced today, the company is extending support for Windows 10 build 1511.

Microsoft's ExtenPetri
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The IIS Team is pleased to announced the release of version 1.0 of IIS CORS Module which enables support for the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) protocol.

Source : IIS Team Blog
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