Easily examine and understand any Windows
system's hardware and software capability to
prevent Meltdown and Spectre attacks.

Source : Gibson Research Corporation

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We are excited to announce the public preview of Visual Studio Live Share! At Connect last November, we showed how Live Share enables real-time collaborative editing and debugging from the comfort of your favorite tools. Since then, we’ve worked with thousands of developers worldwide, resolved hundreds of issues, and addressed top feature requests such as adding support for Linux. We’ve benefitted greatly from all the feedback thus far, thank you! Today, we’re excited to announce that every developer using Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code can get started with Live Share today!

Source : code.visualstudio.com/blogs
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Windows Defender, which protects Windows 10 PCs from malware, can now keep your Mac safe from inside Google Chrome. Microsoft has turned its antivirus app into a Chrome extension that promises to detect phishing links in your emails and dodgy sites that distribute malicious software. It’s 99 percent effective, according to Microsoft, which makes Windows Defender better than rival browser protections.

Source : www.cultofmac.com
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So if your older scanner suddenly doesn’t work consider this:  In 1709 if you did an in place upgrade, you retain the SMBv1 in your networking configuration.  However because this is deemed very unsafe (and it is a risk to keep it enabled), Microsoft does a check to see if you are still using it.  “In-place upgrades and Insider flights of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional do not automatically remove SMB1 initially. If the SMBv1 client or server is not used for 15 days in total (excluding the time during which the computer is off), they each automatically uninstall themselves.” So 15 days after SMBv1 on the client is not used, the system will send a dism command to disable SMBv1

Source : AskWoody:
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Firstly... Before you start reading this, you should be familiar with the DualScan Feature of Windows 10. Find more information on the following blog posts. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/wsus/2017/08/04/improving-dual-scan-on-1607/ https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configurationmgr/2017/10/10/using-configmgr-with-windows-10-wufb-deferral-policies/ If you decided to disable DualScan (Do not allow update deferral policies to cause scan against Windows Update - Enabled) this post is for you. Let's double check...

Source : blogs.technet.microsoft.com/swisspfe:
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Unless you’ve been stuck in a data center server rack, you’ve most likely heard about the next version of PowerShell, referred to as PowerShell Core. This version will run on Windows, Linux and Mac systems. For those of you considering running it on a Windows box, allow me to share 5 things you should know.

Source : Jeff Hicks on Petri
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It’s been a busy week at Digital Signage Expo 2018 (DSE) and it’s great to see how the industry continues to innovate and change. All throughout the week, we were excited to see our partners enable digital signage solutions across a range of capabilities, from traditional AV displays to dynamic data-driven signage leveraging Windows 10 …

Source : Windows For Your Business

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Windows Server has come a long way since Windows NT. First, we could virtualize Windows Server, and now we can even play in the realm which what was once an exclusive Linux feature: containers! Nowadays, we can bring up a Windows Server container in Docker just as easily as a Linux container, but how? Since Microsoft is a fairly recent player in the container market, the concept of Docker and containers is probably new to a lot of Microsoft shops. The best way to learn about something is doing, so let’s do it.
For this article, we’re going to start from a Windows Server 2016 host since this is the earliest version of Windows in which you can run a true Docker host.

Source : AdamThenAutomator
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You can run code or an entire script conveniently from the editor in Visual Studio Code (VSCode) with the Code Runner extension. The VSCode PowerShell extension adds other important features that you know from PowerShell ISE.

Source : 4sysops
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