Well, it only took three years, but Microsoft has finally taken on the iPad in the place that needs the most work: Public perception. A new ad, designed to mimic the sickly sweet iPad ads of late, pits Apple’s tablet against a Windows 8 tablet. And it is awesome.

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Samsung's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, is packed with a ton of extras –– almost to a fault. 

When the phone first came out, reviewers criticized Samsung for shoving too many complex and glitchy extras in the phone.

But there are some features in the GS4 that do work well and could be useful, and you won't find them in the GS4's chief rival, the iPhone.

Let's take a look at some of the best features in the GS4 that you won't find in the iPhone.

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Some Windows systems administrators are faced with deploying and supporting Apple iDevices running iOS. What first- and third-party options exist for these sysadmins?

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