Learn about the features and functionality that are deprecated in SharePoint 2013.
Complete article : Changes from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013
Source : Stefan Gobner
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Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today demonstrated its strong commitment to the PowerShell community by making its PowerShell Plus product available for free. This milestone was also marked by the delivery of a new version of the product, PowerShell Plus 4.6.

Source : PowerShell Magazine
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Stress test your application stack and expand your toolset with Windows versions of popular Unix/Linux-based command-line utilities with this month’s tools.

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Navigating Windows 8 involves a steeper learning curve, but you can't dispute the features that Microsoft has absolutely nailed.
Complete article :  www.cio.com
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Microsoft announced today that it has participated in the porting of a hit iOS game, Contre Jour, to the web with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. Described as the most ambitious use of HTML5 to date, Contre Jour needs to be experienced with a Windows 8 (or RT) tablet to be fully appreciated.
Interested in playing Contre Jour on the web? Check it out now at http://www.contrejour.ie.
Source : Paul Thurrott's Supersite for Windows
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The latest language from the company once identified for its programming languages seeks to bring a higher class of developer into the Web apps space, without changing the foundation of the Web... even if such a change wouldn’t be such a bad idea
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Last week, a hacker group claimed that it breached computer systems at 100 major universities. Team GhostShell gained access to servers at Stanford, Harvard, and the University of Michigan, among others. The technique used, SQL injection, is not new or complex, but reportedly it's becoming increasingly common. Here's a quick guide to defending your servers.
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Here’s a little AppleScript Droplet to clear all Extended Attributes in OS X. This is useful to delete the famous com.apple.quarantine attribute.

  • Create a new script in AppleScript Editor
  • Copy and paste the code
  • Save as an application under the name Clear-Extended-Attributes.app

Then, you can simply drag an drop files or folders on the application.




C L E A R   E X T E N D E D   A T T R I B U T E S


Delete all extended attributes from one or many files

under OS X


Author : Jean-Pierre.Paradis@fsa.ulval.ca

Date : 2 octobre 2012

Version : 1.00

Language : AppleScript (Droplet)




tell application "Finder" to display alert "Please drop file(s) or folder(s) on this application to delete all extended attributes" as informational


on open Dropped_Things

      repeat with Item_index from 1 to the count of Dropped_Things

             set Dropped_Item to item Item_index of Dropped_Things

             set Dropped_Item_Info to info for Dropped_Item

             if folder of the Dropped_Item_Info is true then




             end if

      end repeat

end open


-- this sub-routine processes files

on Process_File(File_Item)

      set File_POSIX_path to POSIX path of File_Item

      set File_Item_Info to info for File_Item

      display dialog "Processing '" & (name of File_Item_Info) & "' ..." with icon note buttons {"Ok"} with title "Clear Extended Attributes" giving up after 1

      do shell script "xattr -c '" & File_POSIX_path & "'"

end Process_File


-- this sub-routine processes folders

on Process_Folder(Folder_Item)

      set Folder_Content to list folder Folder_Item without invisibles

      repeat with Item_index from 1 to the count of Folder_Content

             set Folder_Content_Item to alias ((Folder_Item as Unicode text) & (item Item_index of Folder_Content))

             set Folder_Content_Item_Info to info for Folder_Content_Item

             if folder of Folder_Content_Item_Info is true then




             end if

      end repeat

end Process_Folder

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