Excellent post by Steven Ekren at Clustering & High Availability blog about cluster.log in Windows 2008.

Source : blogs.msdn.com/clustering

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I’m so excited about this release I had to commandeer Paul’s blog for the day and write about it. My name is Tawanda Sibanda and I am the lead program manager for Network Monitor. The team put a lot of effort into this version, adding many of the requests we heard from our customers, while simultaneously fixing bugs and stabilizing the product. We hope you enjoy this release! Please feel free to leave feedback on Paul’s blog or participate in our Network Monitor survey

Now, let’s deep dive into some of the details of Network Monitor 3.2

Source : blogs.technet.com/netmon

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Matthijs ten Seldam has produced a very cool tool that enables you to import your existing virtual machines from Virtual PC and Virtual Server in Hyper-V

Source : blogs.technet.com/matthts

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The SharePoint Best Practices Resource Center on TechNet highlights the different best practices for IT Professionals and Developers and helps you navigate through the resources. IT Professional topics include Operational Excellence, Team Collaboration Sites, Publishing Portals, Search and My Sites. Developer topics include Common Coding Issues, Using Disposable Objects, Search SQL Syntax Queries and Customization Best Practices. We will continue updating and publishing new Best Practices based on real-world experience.

Source : blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint

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Hi all, this topic is an area that has caused me much pain and work.  My goal for this was to follow the recommended SQL guidelines while minimizing the impact that these maintenance jobs have on Crawling and Queries.  We know from the SQL Monitoring an I/O post that Search is extremely I/O intensive .  As it turns out so is all of the regular maintenance that SQL recommends, so finding the right balance between the two is an interesting scheduling task.

Read the complete post : blogs.msdn.com/enterprisesearch

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