Thursday, February 18, 2016

Step-By-Step: Removing A Domain Controller Server Manually - Canadian IT Professionals - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

The proper way to remove a DC server in an Active Directory infrastructure is to run DCPROMO and remove it. The following video provides an example of these steps...

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Configure Ubuntu with SAMBA and set up the domain controller - 4sysops

In the previous post, we installed Ubuntu in a VirtualBox VM. Now it’s time to install SAMBA and configure the domain controller.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

When it comes to Windows 10 privacy, don't trust amateur analysts

Another day, another sensational report from Forbes. Oh my goodness, is Windows 10 really "phoning home" thousands of times a day? Nope. in fact, anyone who has even a basic understanding of how networks work should cringe at this shoddy report.

Source : ZDNet

How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Website - A Simple Guide

First things first, do not panic
This article will guide you through the process of cleaning a hacked WordPress website. The process is documented in an easy to follow step by step format; identifying the source of the hack, identifying the infection, cleaning the code, regaining control of your WordPress website or blog and removing the Google malware alert. This guide will help you recover from the typical WordPress hacks such as backdoors, malware, spam and other similar types of infections.

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Install Ubuntu Server with the

In the last post of this series, I described how to prepare your VirtualBox environment. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to install the Ubuntu server with the help of the iPXE .iso.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Windows 10 Tip: Disable Fast Startup - Petri

Fast startup was introduced in Windows 8 and uses session 0 hibernation to save the kernel state to disk. Reading the kernel state from disk is 30 to 70 percent faster than a full system initialization on most systems. 
While fast startup should be beneficial in most cases, especially in combination with UEFI, it can also be problematic. For example, I’ve come across systems that refuse to connect to wireless networks without a cold boot, assumedly due to a problem with the reinitialized driver. But if an updated driver doesn’t solve the problem, you might want to disable fast startup.

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Set up Ubuntu as a domain controller with SAMBA on VirtualBox

If you want to run a domain controller on your network but don’t have access to a Windows Server license, you can use SAMBA, the free open-source software, and VirtualBox, the free virtualization software. We’ll describe the procedure for setting up a virtual server using VirtualBox and iPXE and move on to setting up your domain controller with SAMBA.

Source : 4sysops

Microsoft Finally Offers Windows 10 Update Information

After months of complaints, Microsoft has finally opened a Windows 10 Update History web site that will document the changes it makes to its flagship OS.

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