It is possible to write applications for OS X using Microsoft's Visual Basic, thanks to .NET Framework's Common Language Infrastructure and the open source Mono Framework and wx.NET. It turns out it is quite easy to do so, and this short tutorial tells you how.

Read the tutorial ar

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Ever wish you could start a second Windows Explorer with alternate credentials ? Well it is still impossible, but here's a little trick you could use to start Internet Explorer with an alternate credentials to explore any folder.

Read the article «Using Windows Explorer with Alternate Credentials» from Mitch Tulloch.

Note : It won't work with Internet Explorer 7

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From the PowerShellTeam Blog :

Today Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Windows PowerShell RC2, the command line shell and scripting language that helps IT Professionals achieve greater productivity and control of system administration. Using a new admin-focused scripting language and consistent syntax and utilities, Windows PowerShell accelerates automation.  Windows PowerShell is easy to adopt, learn, and use, because it works with existing IT infrastructure and scripting tools.

This Release Candidate 2 of Windows PowerShell addresses numerous customer requests based on their evaluation of Beta3 and RC1 including:

  • Direct ADSI support to allow IT Pros to more easily administer Active Directory
  • Improved support for Windows Management Instrumentation through ability to change WMI properties via methods
  • Additional logical operators (XOR and binary XOR) that make it easier to write sophisticated scripts
  • Improved help content and help functionality including new views that make it easier to find the right information.
  • Windows PowerShell 1.0 will release-to-web in Q4 CY06
  • Windows PowerShell will be leveraged by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and System Center Operations Manager 2007.

Customers can download Windows PowerShell RC2 at

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This study was just released that compares the ten most popular BitTorrent sites. A great read if you are torn between what site to use, it has benchmark graphs and anaylsis. the finding are rather suprising.

Source :

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Many things have changed in Windows Vista that will significantly help ease the deployment processes. These include the new out-of-the-box imaging technologies, the XML-based migration scripts, new tools for image engineering (ImageX and System Image Manager), enhancements to the unattend.xml format, as well as an updated version of the Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment (BDD), known as BDD 2007 Beta 1, to provide guidance on deployments.

More infos :

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Long Zheng wrote in his i started someting blog :

Some of you may, and some of you may not, (so that’s everybody) know Windows Vista has 4 tiers of user interface experience, from the best to worst: Aero Glass, Vista Standard, Vista Basic and Windows Classic. So why so many? Who knows, graphics designers unemployment at an all time low in Redmond? But regardless of whether you like it or not, these are the choices that will be shipping with Vista so let’s understand it while we can.

I have taken the liberty (because no one else is as bored as I am) of taking 28 screenshots to compare the 4 different interfaces.

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Runasspc starts programs under another user account than the logged-in user. The application and the account information will be read from a secured crypt file, which built on command line with runasspc or the administrator interface runasspcadmin.

Each encrypted file receives his own password on runtime, created by the file  itself, like a finger mark. Before runasspc start the authorized application. The application will be checked on bit level.

Runasspc does not require an installation procedure. You only need to copy runasspc and a cryptfile on a computer to start it directly.

Runasspc can also be run without using a cyptfile. You can call runasspc with password in cleartext on commandline. It can be useful for tests.

Source :

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So what is WinRE?

Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) is a recovery platform based on Windows Preinstallation Encironment (WinPE). WinRE provides two main functionalities:

  1. Automatic diagnosis and repair of boot problems using a tool called Startup Repair.
  2. A centralized platform for advanced recovery tools.

WinRE is new for Windows Vista and completely replaces the recovery console in Windows XP. You should be able to perform most tasks of recovery console from WinRE.

Source : Windows RE Team's blog on MSDN

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Each month Microsoft release an update to this tool via Windows Update. But did you know that :

  • The tool create a log file on your computer every time it runs. Check %WINDIR%\debug\mrt.log
  • You can run the tool from the web at
  • You can check the complete list of malicious software cleaned by this tool at
  • There is a support article that describe all functionalities and FAQ
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SAPIEN Technologies (the creator of PrimalScript) has release a free help tool for PowerShell.

If you're using PowerShell RC1, then you might find this PowerShell Help tool to be useful. It's a Windows application that acts as a cmdlet reference - compliments of SAPIEN Technologies.

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After many years the Microsoft network sniffer, Network Monitor (friendly called NetMon), is coming back.

Upcoming Network Monitor 3 will offer several new features and will finally be an uncapped, free, stand-alone application for Windows XP/2003/Vista/codename Longhorn (both 32 and 64bits):

Enroll for the beta at Microsoft Connect and check dedicated beta newsgroup

Source : Security Zero

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Robocopy (from Microsoft Windows Resource Kit) is really a must have tool to copy files accross the network.

But it's a command line and has so many options that every time I use it I must open the documentation to remember witch switch to use.

Thanks to Derk A. Benisch and his team there is a great GUI wrapper that save me a lot a time.

More info and download at

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APC Magazaine just publish an interessting article about web browsers performance :

Oh sure, the following tests aren’t as scientific as putting all the browsers in a ring and seeing which one is left standing after the fight, but it’s close.

... Well there’s a nice surprise! Even the aging IE6 bundled with Windows XP is a fair bit faster at the testpage than Firefox and Opera.

Take the test yourself at

If you are more interested in web standards throw your browser through the Acid2 test.

Read the article at

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ADmitMac allows PowerPC and Intel Macintosh users running Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, or Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (with the latest updates), to participate in and take advantage of all the directory services provided by Microsoft’s Active Directory.


  • Administrators can easily manage Macintosh computers in their Microsoft Windows domain - without special training.
  • Installs on the Mac with no Active Directory schema changes required.
  • Provides secure access using Kerberos.
  • Provides bidirectional file and printer sharing.
  • Supports Windows login security restrictions.
  • Allows users to easily change passwords.
  • Support for Dfs - home directories can be mounted using Dfs, and Shares on the Mac support Dfs as well.
  • Supports NTFS file format - does not create “dot-underscore” files.
  • Supports Windows ACLs (Access Control Lists) under OS X v10.4.2 “Tiger.”
  • Supports long share names.
  • Preserves users’ custom desktop and documents no matter which computer they log into.
  • Offers complete interoperability with Services for Macintosh.
  • Works with older NT directory services.
  • Users can mount shared folders to which they are allowed access via the ADmitMac Browser or Connect to Server.

You can even join a Mac computer to a Windows domain.

More infos :

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Microsoft Expression Web, formley known as Expression Web Designer has moved from Community Technology Preview (TCP) to full-fledged beta status.

Read the excellent article "Microsoft Expression Web Designer drops FrontPage Support, goes Beta" by Steve Bryant's at eWeek weblog

More infos at

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