Excellent article that explain in details my the new Outlook app (Android and iOS) should not be used in enterprises.
Microsoft has released their iOS app “Outlook” today. And it will break your companies security for mobile PIM access in multiple ways! No matter if you’re a Microsoft Exchange or IBM Notes Traveler customer. I cannot believe that Microsoft has done what they’ve done. Even as a non-Microsoft guy I would have expected that they obey the rules of common company security rules.
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Also look at the follow up post : Updates on the latest Outlook iOS App issues
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Microsoft has quietly added Office Remote—previously a Windows Phone exclusive—to the Google Play Store, allowing users of that platform to remotely control PowerPoint 2013 presentations on a Windows PC. There’s no official announcement about the app yet, so it’s possible that an iOS version of the app is coming as well, perhaps as soon as today.

Source : Office Remote Comes to Android - Thurrott.com

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While studying up on Windows 10, I came across a technique that has been shown to reduce the time it takes to apply an OS WIM to disk by 20 – 50%*.  That’s a fairly significant savings in time and the implementation of this technique is relatively easy and does not require you to change how you deploy Windows.  Believe it or not, the savings come from adjusting the OS power management settings during a deployment.  While there are multiple ways to implement these power management settings, below I’ve outlined what I consider the most non-intrusive to existing deployment methods.

Source : Reducing Windows Deployment time using Power Management - The Deployment Guys

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