With Windows Vista, your Boot Configuration Data (BDC) is not in the boot.ini file anymore.

If you want to change your BCD you must use the new command line tool BCDedit.exe ou try the free EasyBCD that provides a GUI to edit your BCD.

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VhdExpand is now VhdResize.

VhdResize will resize Microsoft's VHD files and will also convert between Fixed and Dynamic file types. This is a sector by sector copy operation from one size/type to the other and the source file remains unaltered.

VhdResize requires the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework available via Windows Update and here.

Ref : vmtoolkit.com

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This initiative is an effort to improve the security of PHP. However we will not concentrate on problems in the PHP language that might result in insecure PHP applications, but on security vulnerabilities in the PHP core. During March 2007 old and new security vulnerabilities in the Zend Engine, the PHP core and the PHP extensions will be disclosed on a day by day basis. We will also point out necessary changes in the current vulnerability management process used by the PHP Security Response Team.

Ref : www.php-security.org

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Peter Bright published Part I of Ars Technica's three-part Windows Vista review coverage. This is an excellent article to get under the hood and learn what's new in the graphic stack and APIs.

Ref : arstechnica.com

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Paul Thurrott wrote in his WindowsITPro newsletter :

Adobe has informed its customers that they will need to pay for new versions of many of its products if they expect to run them glitch- free on Windows Vista. The reason? Adobe has no plans to ensure that its currently shipping products work properly with Microsoft's new OS.

If you're searching for an example of a wrong way to do things look at how Adobe products support Windows Vista.

Before you spend you money for a new version of an Adobe Product why don't you look at the competition.

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Brian Livingston wrote :

Microsoft always says it opposes "software pirates" who sell thousands of unauthorized copies of Windows.

But the Redmond company has made things a lot easier for pirates by adding a line to the Registry that can be changed from 0 to 1 to postpone the need to "activate" Vista indefinitely.

Source : windowssecrets.com

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This article contains information about application compatibility testing that was performed for the English version of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2). The Windows serviceability AppCompat test teams tested more than 1,500 server applications and desktop applications on computers that were running Windows Server 2003 SP2. This article contains two tables that summarize the results of the tests.

Source : Microsoft.com

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When you power-on your computer it will broadcast to the world a list the list of WiFi access-points you've got cached on your computer, the previous IP address you used (requested by DHCP), your NetBIOS name, your login ID, and a list of servers (via NetBIOS request) you want connections to.

Even if you then establish a VPN connection to hide everything else, you've already broadcasted this information to everyone on the local network.

The FERRET tool gathers this broadcasted information and correlates it. It demonstrates how much you expose to hackers.

Source: erratasec.com

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In the past, Microsoft has said that its ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas) framework could be used sans Microsoft development tools. Particularly, the client-side library in ASP.NET AJAX can interact with several web-based programming languages as it consists of nothing more than JavaScript. That being said, one industrious Microsoft dev has gone ahead and created a library called "PHP for Microsoft AJAX Library" that allows PHP developers to easily interact with Microsoft's rich client framework.

Download : codeplex.com/phpmsajax
Source : arstechnica.com/journals/microsoft.ars

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