How to install RSAT on Windows 7 SP1

I guess those of you who are responsible for patch management have heard of the trick before. I tried it with RSAT on Windows 7 SP1, and it appeared to work fine.

In the description of this workaround, I assume that you want to install x86fre_GRMRSAT_MSU.msu. If you need amd64fre_GRMRSATX_MSU.msu, you have to change the file names accordingly. I also assume that you downloaded the RSAT MSU file to c:\tmp.The workaround description is slightly different than in chibisuke’s comment.

Install RSAT on Windows 7 SP1

  1. Launch a command prompt with Administrator rights.
  2. Execute the following commands:
    md c:\rsat
    expand -f:* c:\tmp\ rsat-windows-7-x86fre_GRMRSAT_MSU c:\rsat
    cd c:\rsat
    pkgmgr /n:Windows6.1-KB958830-x86.xml /l:log.txt
  3. Wait until this line appears in c:\log.txt: DISM Provider Store: PID=1120 Releasing the local reference to DISMLogger. Stop logging….
  4. Reboot.
  5. Launch the “Turn Windows Feature on or off” applet in the Control Panel under Programs, and enable the Remote Server Administration Tools or Role Administration Tools you need.

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