Port 80 Survey Puts Microsoft on Top

Bink.nu wrote : Port80 Software announced on Wednesday that it had released the results of its most recent Web server survey. According to the survey's results, Microsoft IIS has a 53.67 percent share of the Web server market, while Apache's share is 22.7 percent. Netscape holds 10.8 percent market share and other Web servers comprise another 12.8 percent. Port 80's survey uses the Web sites of the fortune 1000 companies for its data sample, which it argues has more relevance for business decision makers. In contrast, Netcraft's June Web server survey, seen by many as the definitive picture of the Web server market, found that Apache held 69.70 percent market share with Microsoft holding 20.26 percent. Netcraft's monthly Web server survey measures Web server software usage on all Internet connected computers.
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