In-Band Management of IPMI with PowerShell

IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is a specification defined by Intel and adopted by a number of companies for standardizing hardware management, particularly in server systems. IPMI supports both in-band (from the operating system) and out-of-band (from the network direct to hardware) management. The protocol IPMI uses for out-of-band management is not based on WS-Management and not the focus of this blog post.

Available since Windows 2003 R2, Microsoft has developed a generic IPMI Driver and IPMI Provider in Windows to enable management of BMCs (Base board Management Controller) that implement IPMI. The IPMI Driver (IPMIdrv.sys) is essentially a light-weight “pass-through” driver which takes IPMI requests and returns IPMI responses. The IPMI Provider (IPMIprv.dll) takes the heavy load of converting between IPMI and CIM.

Source : Windows Management Infrastructure Blog 

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