SkyDrive desktop features released: act now to save your free 25gb storage

This morning, even a bit earlier than we expected, Omar Shahine and Mike Torres posted on the Building Windows 8 blog on the new updates to SkyDrive that “make personal cloud storage for Windows available anywhere”

Immediately upon opening SkyDrive in the browser (once you are signed in), you’ll see a notice about something we hinted at the other day: future users are only going to be allowed 7 gb of free storage, instead of the 25 gb offered now. This is still bigger than Dropbox’s 2gb, or even the long rumored Google G Drive, which is said to be offering 5 gb

However, as early adopters, we’re getting a sweet deal: just click on the link in that message, which brings you to the managed storage page.

…click on the Free upgrade button, and you’ll keep your 25gb as free storage. From here, too, you can manage paid storage options, adding 100 gb of storage for $50/year.

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