Tools for Troubleshooting slow boots and slow logons (sbsl)

XPERF, also known as Windows Performance Analyzer, ships as part of the Windows Performance Tools (WPT) kit. The latest WPT ships as part of the Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework. The WPT consists of:

  • XPERF – an interactive trace capturing tool used in this case to enable ETL tracing of a slow user logon clearly not caused by the background loading of the OS (that is, a slow boot).
  • XBOOTMGR – enables ETL tracing, reboots the host computer then stops capturing N # of (default 120) seconds after user logon for 1) slow boot scenarios and 2) slow logons caused by delays in the OS boot process.
  • XPERFVIEW – views ETL traces captured by XPERF or XPERFVIEW in a graphical format linked with rich numerical reports and stack traces data to drill into delays for impacted and root cause components and functions.

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